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Note: Pleases send "Case Image" and "Case Video" files on nnkhannaapvic@gmail.com

"Please refer Abstract Submission Guidelines at the bottom of this page"


CATEGORY Till 31st Oct 2023 1st Nov 2023
Amount Amount
Member Delegate 17,250/- 21,476/-
Non Member Delegate / Spouse 18,400/- 24,072/-
Fellow 8,050/- 11,800/-
National Nurses / Technicians 2,300/- 2,950/-
National Faculty 10,500/- 12,390/-
Central Govt. Doctor 6,500/- 7,670/-
Industry Professional 34,500/- 47,200/-
Foreign Fellow $345 $365
Foreign Industry Professional $855 $900
Foreign Delegate/ Spouse $855 $900
Foreign Faculty $755 $800
International Nurse / Technician $100 $100


Note :

a) Room request for non-registered delegates shall not be entertained.

b) All attendees (Delegates/Fellows/Nurses/Technicians/Industry Professionals) requiring accommodation must pay for their stay.

Select the type of room you require :
Single Occupancy (33,040/Night)

Double Occupancy (17,700/Per Person/Per Night)

Registration Amount* :
Accommodation Amount :
Total Amount :

Note : Registration form for Fellows has to be accompanied by a letter from the HOD or counter signed by the HOD.


Pay Online by Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking

For OFFLINE payments, please send the Demand Draft/Cheque/NEFT in favour of :-

Beneficiary Name : Asia Pacific Vascular Society
Bank Name: Axis Bank, Jasola, New Delhi
Pan No.: AADTA2034R
Account No.: 911010028201409
IFS Code: UTIB0001148
Swift Code: AXISINBBA36


Dr. (Prof.) N. N. Khanna
Organising Chairman, APVIC – XV
Sr. Consultant, Interventional Cardiology & Vascular Interventions
Advisor - Apollo Group of Hospitals
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi – 110076
Conference Secretariat : +91-9810494072, +91-11-71795593
E-mail : nnkhannaapvic@gmail.com

Abstract Submission Guidelines

1. General Information

  • Submission period is till 30th April, 2023, please meet the deadline.
  • For submission, registration (https://apvs.in/apvic-xv-registration/) is mandatory.
  • Accepted Cases might be published in a Journal or Abstract Book and be posted on the conference website and e-Station.

2. Author(s)

  • The first author / presenter should be assigned when you register the list of authors. Proofread carefully as the author information will be published in the collaterals.
  • Once you submit case, any information regarding the submission will be notified to the applicant and presenter.

3. Case Categories
Cases should involve the following disciplines in the field of cardiovascular medicine and intervention. Select one category that is closest to the subject of your case. If the category does not match the subject of the case may receive a low score from the reviewers.

  • Carotid and Aortic Arch Vessels
  • Aortic
  • Iliac & Femoral
  • Below Knee
  • Bleeders
  • Embolization
  • Venous
  • Laser
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Diabetic Foot
  • Miscellaneous
  • Iron Man

4. Case Content

  • Cases must be submitted in English.
  • The case body consists of Clinical information, Procedural step and Conclusion.
  • Cases may be entered directly into the site or copy and pasted, however, be sure to check again whether the special character or symbols are not broken.
  • Do not include patient’s full name (initials or identifier number allowed).
  • Please use “Arial” font style and 12 as font size.
  • The maximum numbers of characters allowed in the body of clinical information is 500 and 750 for Procedural step and Conclusion.
  • The minimum numbers of characters allowed in the body of clinical information is 300 and 450 for Procedural step and Conclusion.
  • Images and videos should be included to show the procedure.
  • Use zeros before decimal points: 0.05, not .05.
  • Use decimal points, not commas: 0.05, not 0,05.
  • Use lowercase “p” values (p<0.05).
  • Provide manufacturer name and location in parentheses for all brand or trade names.
  • Never use the underline feature to denote the following symbols: ±, ≤, ≥.
  • Use space between numbers and symbols. (e.g., 3 ± 4, not 3±4; 3 mg, not 3mg).
  • All measurements must include unit of measure (e.g., systolic blood pressure “140 mm Hg”, not just “140”).
  • For branded drugs, include generic names in parentheses.
  • Do not include references, credits, or grant support.

5. Case Review
All cases submitted will strictly be evaluated by official reviewers.

6. Case Notification and Acceptance
Accepted case notifications will be sent by 31 July, 2023, to the presenter and the applicant.

Presenters will learn more about their presentation date and time and any specific guidelines for session after acceptance.

7. Case Presentation
Accepted Cases will be assigned to case competition sessions during the meeting. Post notifications about acceptance / rejection, the presenters are requested to log on to official conference website for further updates.

8. Case Withdrawal
Requests for case withdrawals must be made by August 01, 2023.

Request for withdrawal of any submission at any time may be done by sending a written communication as verbal is not admissible, with your submission number and title to inform the notice of case withdrawal.

9. No show policy
Please notify the secretariat in advance via e-mail at nnkhannaapvic@gmail.com if your presentation will not be made. If the scheduled presenter fails to appear in person or to send a replacement, and does not cancel the presentation before the meeting, that presenter may jeopardize future acceptance of Calls for Science.

10. Copyright Information

11. When cases are submitted, we assume that the authors grant copyright to the Conference Organization for publication on the official conference website.

12. Assistance If you need help with your submission, please contact support by sending email at nnkhannaapvic@gmail.com.

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