APVIC on the Road

APVIC on the Road

The inception of APVIC was with the motive of bringing the endovascular physicians in Asia Pacific region in tandem and at par with the international expertise today. Bringing together, the leaders and experts in the field of endovascular interventions in order to highlight the progress in Endovascular science in the management of even the most complicated stages of Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) and spanning vessels all across the body effectively and efficiently have been missions of APVIC. Through this cross-country platform of APVIC, these leaders have continually shared their experience and wisdom gained over years of practice and have facilitated in imparting training other developing endovascular interventionists across the regions in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd APVIC conferences.

But given the criticality of the disease burden and the need for better management (and managers!), it is time to move beyond the desks of discussions and the premises of the symposia.

The Indian sub-continent continues to seethe with the burgeoning number of cases of Peripheral vascular Disease (PVD). The rate of complications is much higher due to the added burden of Diabetes and Hypertension in India. Hence, the need to develop more and more local interventional physicians and equip them with the required skills to tackle these cases on a daily basis is critical.

With this agenda, APVS and Cordis have collaborated to bring international expertise to the local endovascular interventionists, who were keen on enhancing their skills and know-how. Thus, begun the journey of APVIC and Cordis into various centres across India-The APVIC-CORDIS ON THE ROAD PROGRAM.

The APVIC-CORDIS ON THE ROAD program was flagged off under the erudite guidance and vision of Dr. N.N.Khanna and Dr. Michel Henry, the Course of APVIC with the first ON THE ROAD series of Endovascular cath-lab workshops conducted in the month of December 2010 over a period of 2 weeks.

Workshops were held in smaller centres like Rajkot, Mysore, Perinthalmanna and Kanpur along with larger centres like Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad.

Several interventional cardiologists, vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists are given hands – on training by Dr. Michel Henry and Dr. N.N. Khanna through interventions right from the Carotids to Below the knee in these centres!


Due to low awareness levels in the smaller centres media awareness campaigns and special scientific symposia were also conducted in order to create awareness amongst the local GPs, physicians and cardiologists so as to diagnose the cases in time, be aware of the various modalities of medical, surgical and interventional management available today and also create appropriate referral pathways so as to ensure that the patient is managed in due time.

As Dr. Dekiwadia, vascular surgeon from Rajkot puts it- “It is incredible that I got to experience the endovascular management of complex cases with Dr. Henry in my own cath-lab. It is a brilliant initiative and I look forward to more such programs in the future!”

The young team at Perinthalmanna was excited at the prospect of their second ever Carotid artery stenting. The cath lab technician gushed about learning the technique of preparing the Embolic protection device for the procedure and can’t wait to do it again!

Such and many more testimonials speak about the success of first and second ON THE ROAD series.
The fourth ON THE ROAD series of workshops was conducted in the month of June, right after the 5th APVIC conference. Thus, by truly making the transition from a didactic course and a platform for discussion to the being the beacon of action and bringing endovascular expertise to the doorsteps of the ones who need it, APVIC has proven itself extremely actionable and relevant as an entity.
The journey shall continue…Onthe road and beyond! See you there!

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