APVIC Feedback

APVIC Feedback

Thank you once again for the possibility to be part of this extremely successful and valuable scientific meeting!

Assoc. Prof. Ivo Petrov

Assoc. Prof. Ivo PetrovHead of Cardiology, Angiology and Electrophysiology Department “City Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute” Sofia, Bulgaria

It appears your meeting was a great success.

Dr. Frank Veith, USA

Dr. Frank Veith, USAProfessor & Chair in Vascular Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Foundation Chairman of Veith Symposium (Most famous conference in Vascular Interventions around the world) for last 5 decades Past chairman of the American Board of Vascular Surgery Past President, Regional Eastern Vascular Society 50th President of the Society for Vascular Surgery

I would like to congratulate you for APVIC VIII
It’s a great and wonderful meeting
Excellent organisation, excellent hot topics leading to create platform for exchanges between experts over the world

Dr. Amira benjellounm Morocco

Dr. Amira benjellounm Morocco

Thanks for inviting your prestigious meeting. It was an honour to part of it. I am congratulating you for the grand success of the conference. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours.

Dr. Shailesh B Gaikwad

Dr. Shailesh B GaikwadProfessor and Head Department of Neuroimaging and Interventional Neuroradiology AIIMS, New Delhi

We have been impressed dear Doctor Khanna by the high scientific quality and the world-class organization of the 8th edition of the Asia Pacific Vascular Intervention Course. The venue was elegant and appropriate to this large sized meeting. All the participants were very active and open to constructive discussion

Dr. Jacques Busquet

Dr. Jacques BusquetISEVS International Ambassador Paris, France

Congratulations for successfully completing the meeting.

Dr. Ashok Dhar, Bahrain

Dr. Ashok Dhar, Bahrain

I thought I would write to thank you most sincerely for inviting me to participate in the APVIC-VIII conference in Delhi.
I thoroughly enjoyed the conference which I was most impressed about and thought the organisation was excellent.
Once again thank you very much. I look forward to meeting with you again in the future.

Professor Nigel Standfield

Professor Nigel StandfieldProfessor of Vascular Surgery and Surgical Education, Imperial College Head of the Postgraduate School of Surgery, London

Dear Dr Khanna
I would like to thank you very much for your kind invitation to APVIC VIII. It was a wonderful meeting .Congratulations.

Dr. Michel Henry, Luxembourg

Dr. Michel Henry, Luxembourg

It was a great conference and I enjoyed the interactions. I am impressed with the growth of APVIC and the increasing attendance.

Dr. Ramesh Adiraju, USA

Dr. Ramesh Adiraju, USA

Thank you for your message and for your invitation. I would be delighted to be part of the Faculty next year for the VIII APVIC meeting.
This year’s conference had a very good scientific content and I think it would be great if you could include in next year’s conference a session on minimal invasive cardiac surgery. We can invite key opinion leaders talking about sutureless valves, minimal invasive mitral surgery and of course TAVI as you did this year.
Looking forward hearing from you,
Warm regards,

Dr. Victor Costache, Romania

Dr. Victor Costache, Romania

Cliff and I would like to thank you and the organizers of APVIC-VII for your kindness and hospitality during our stay in New Delhi. We were honoured to have been asked to participate in your meeting. The meeting was absolutely outstanding – very well organized, informative topics, and an “All Star” faculty from around the globe.
Congratulations for a job well done!

Prof. Cliff Buckley & Shirley Buckley, USA

Prof. Cliff Buckley & Shirley Buckley, USA

I deeply appreciate your efforts and invitation to the APVIC VII. The improvement in the organization and participation in APVIC meetings are very obvious. The delegation from Nigeria has gladly grown over the years with presentations from two delegates in APVIC VII. I feel a sense of accomplishment which was greatly encouraged by your humble efforts.
We appreciate you and your able staff.
Thank you.

Prof. Balarabe Sani Garko

Prof. Balarabe Sani GarkoProfessor of Internal Medicine/Cardiology, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria

Thank you for including me in this prestigious meeting. You have done an outstanding job despite numerous obstacles. I am very proud of you and for you. Keep up the good work and hope to see you and your father soon.

Prof. Ty Collins, USA

Prof. Ty Collins, USA

I fully support your successful congress and from now, I am available for 2014 edition.
With my best regards and congratulations.

Dr Jacques Busquet (France)

Dr Jacques Busquet (France)Ambassador, International Society of Endovascular Specialists - Ex President, ISES

Congratulations for organising and running your meeting single handedly. It is indeed commendable, to successfully pull off something like this.
Thank you for inviting me to be part of this meet. I look forward to our future interactions

Dr Rajiv Parakh

Dr Rajiv ParakhChairman, Division of Peripheral Vascular & Endovascular Sciences - Medanta - The Medcity, Delhi NCR

Tremendous progress in peripheral vascular science as indicated by presentation of cases at the meeting was heartwarming. Perhaps the only conference in the county, truly dedicated to peripheral vascular system. At one time, the people presenting non coronary intervention cases were taken practically as non-performers. It was very nice to see the attendance of truly focused people.

It was great to note, that a Scientists’ meeting was inaugurated by the scientists. Please convey my regards to Prof. Khanna Sr.

Dr Ashok Dhar

Dr Ashok DharInterventional Cardiologist, Bahrain

It was a pleasure to participate in the meeting, via web talk. The topics were very exciting and I wish I would have been able to listen to all the talks.
Hopefully, I will be able to come to the meeting in Delhi next year.

Dr Stefan Bertog

Dr Stefan BertogGermany

Thanks for providing me the opportunity to share my experience in this prestigious meeting. I truly enjoyed the academic programme.

Dr Shailesh B Gaikwad

Dr Shailesh B GaikwadProfessor, Department of Neuroradiology - AIIMS, New Delhi

It was rather a pleasure and honor for me to be a part of that meeting. The meeting was really great, there was so much new to know and your presentations and data were extra ordinary!

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in this wonderful meeting.

Dr Manish Bansal

Dr Manish BansalSr. Consultant Cardiology, Medanta-The Medicity, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

I had an excellent flight back to France and I would like to thank you very much for your kind invitation and your hospitality. Everything was perfect and I would like to congratulate you for the high level of this meeting. All attendees were very satisfied and I think it is very good for the future.

Dr Michel Henry

Dr Michel HenryInterventional Cardiologist, France - Chairman APVIC – V, President APVS

A great conference! Every aspect of APVIC-V was excellent, very well organized.
A real academic feast! Congrats!

Dr Harbhajan Singh Rissam

Dr Harbhajan Singh RissamDirector Cardiology, Max Heart & Vascular Institute, New Delhi - Member Medical Council of India

First of all I must congratulate you for the grand success at the APVIC V. I feel extremely privileged to belong to the APVIC club. I am also thoroughly impressed by the extraordinary hospitality that I have received during the APVIC. In particular I would like to thank Dr Monica for her flawless and immaculate organisation of the events. Please convey my special appreciation to her.

Dr (Prof.) Saroj Das

Dr (Prof.) Saroj DasVascular Surgeon, Brunel Institute of Bioengineering - Director of Clinical Studies, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, UK

Attending APVIC V was a good learning experience. I wish you all the best for APVIC VI in 2014 and looking forward to participate in it.

Dr S. Saravanan

Dr S. SaravananPresident Organ Transplantation Society of India

Many thanks for your hospitality.
I was very pleased to be among you in your wonderful country. I have been attending APVIC meeting regularly and I find that it has one of the most educative courses in this field.

Dr Amira Benjelloun

Dr Amira BenjellounPresident Moroccan Society of Vascular Surgery - Morocco

I would like to share my gratitude and appreciation for the good work that you and the team did during the Conference. As a platform for exchange of experience among the highly qualified professionals, I found the conference extremely useful for expanding my knowledge and gaining advanced knowledge on the topics covered throughout the Conference.

Dr. (Prof.) M. Hussain Hamdard

Dr. (Prof.) M. Hussain HamdardChief of Cardiology ARIA Medical University, Afghanistan

Thank you for the invitation and allowing me to be a part of APVIC. It is an Honor for me to be associated with your meeting and to see you again. Your meeting is exciting and informative. I enjoyed the format of the meeting and I sensed the audience and faculty were generally involved.
My congratulations on a wonderful meeting and venue. I look forward to joining you again in the future.

Dr Tyrone J. Collins

Dr Tyrone J. CollinsDirector, Interventional Cardiology, Ochsner Medical Center, New Orleans, USA - Governor, Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (USA)

For me this year APVIC was the best. I learnt a lot. Thank you!

Dr. J. Ezhilan

Dr. J. EzhilanSr. Consultant Cardiology, Madras Medical Mission, Chennai

Your conference was excellent; I congratulate you for your conference.

Dr (Prof.) Manotosh Panja

Dr (Prof.) Manotosh PanjaDean Indian College of Physicians, India

Thank you for inviting me to participate as faculty in your excellent APVIC program. I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and your most gracious hospitality.
I would be very interested in participating as faculty in your next meeting. My wife, Shirley, and I were overwhelmed by your personal kindness and the hospitality extended to us by everyone we met.

Dr Clifford J. Buckley

Dr Clifford J. BuckleyProfessor of Surgery, Texas A&M University Health Science Center, College of Medicine, Executive Vice-Chair, Dept. of Surgery, Director, Division of Vascular Surgery, Chief, Surgical Services, Central Texas Veterans Health Care System, Temple, Texas, President Elect, International Society of Endovascular Specialists

I would like to thank you for inviting and involving myself and ISES in your excellent meeting in Delhi. It was a great pleasure for me to come and meet you, your family and the strong faculty of speakers. I thought that the fellows program was particularly successful and I do think this is something that ISES will be more and more interested in with time. Thank you also for your hospitality and for providing me with a fleeting flavour of India.

Dr Donald Reid

Dr Donald ReidVascular Surgeon, Scotland, UK - President, International Society of Endovascular Specialists

It was really a grand and amazing feast of information, knowledge and skills in the field of cardiology and vascular medicine. The topics were very apt and everyone felt satisfied with the contents.
I congratulate you, for successfully planning and organising the conference. If I can get the CD of the conference proceedings.

Dr Atul Gupta

Dr Atul GuptaSr. Consultant, Cardiologist, Central Railway Hospital, New Delhi

Many thanks. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to India. The sites, history, food, people were all very good. We were well treated by your staff. The facilities were very good. The meeting was well conceived and well executed. Your skills are world class.
Thank you, for the experience.

Dr (Prof.) T. O. McNamara

Dr (Prof.) T. O. McNamaraProfessor of Radiology, UCLA School of Medicine, LA, California, USA

Congratulations for organizing a wonderful event. It was a real pleasure for me to have participated in APVIC. Thanks a lot for the invitation and the hospitality. The deliberations / presentations by the faculty were very educative.

Dr Khursheed A. Khan

Dr Khursheed A. KhanProfessor of Cardiology, Kashmir, J&K

Endovascular interventions for peripheral vascular diseases have been at backwaters in mainstream vascular interventions, but Asia Pacific Vascular intervention course has changed the scenario and has indeed been a breakthrough in the vascular world.
I congratulate Dr. N.N. Khanna, for bringing together vascular interventionalists under one roof for learning newer concepts and achieve new objectives of excellence in endovascular interventions.

Dr. B. C. Sathyanarayan

Dr. B. C. SathyanarayanConsultant – Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon, Fortis Hospital, Noida, UP

I was pleased to meet you at Intervention Course in Delhi. I had a nice time in Delhi and was extremely happy to participate in your high level course that was very educative and interesting.

Dr. Armen Ter - Akopyan

Dr. Armen Ter - AkopyanCardiologist, Ukraine

I congratulate you on your brilliant success.
I must say that in a short span of 2 days, I learnt a lot, perhaps what more than a year’s training can teach. I must say that your faculty members are eminent physicians, a truly versatile team.
Good luck. I look forward to next year visit.

Dr. Varin Arora

Dr. Varin AroraConsultant Cardiologist, Thailand

Thanks for inviting me for the very exciting useful meeting. It was extremely well organized and went like clockwork! Hope to see you soon. Many thanks.

Vish Bhattacharya

Vish BhattacharyaConsultant Vascular Surgeon, London, UK

I would like to thank you for your nice invitation and giving me the opportunity to participate in APVIC. It was a pleasure to be a part of your great programme. We enjoyed doing a duplex workshop in APVIC.

Dr Wassila Taha

Dr Wassila TahaConsultant Vascular Surgeon, Egypt

I would like to thank you on behalf of my group for inviting us to participate in the Asia Pacific Vascular Intervention Course. We enjoyed the conference and our visit to India.
I hope our non-invasive course was well received.

Dr Rashad Bishara

Dr Rashad BisharaConsultant Vascular Surgeon, Egypt

It was wonderful, the two days I attended. The whole programme was excellent and I can’t imagine the herculean efforts you have made in bringing the national and international experts together. Your stem cell live case was the most impressive and I will keep in touch with you for your guidance as I am interested in carrying this programme in my hospital.
Once again congrats.

Dr N. C. Krishnamani

Dr N. C. KrishnamaniInterventional Cardiologist, New Delhi

Congratulations for a wonderful meeting. And thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of this prestigious meeting. I am truly impressed with the scientific content and the planning of the scientific programme. Congratulations once again.

Dr B.M. Makkar

Dr B.M. MakkarOrganizing Secy. - 4th Diabetes India International Conference

It was indeed a great academic feast. Hope your Herculean efforts will go a long way in establishing the challenging field of Vascular Interventions on sound footing in India, which is at present in its early infancy in most of the Centers.

I feel APVIC should include a full one year program of Regional Workshops spread all over India. Regional centers should be identified. Lower Limb Ischemia can be a field to begin with, for these workshops.

Vinay Krishna

Vinay KrishnaDirector Professor, LPS Institute of cardiology & Cardiac Surgery, Kanpur

The conference was indeed a great feast. It was possibly the best meeting organized on this subject in India. The introduction of Iron Man show was a very novel event. It created great incentive especially for young cardiologists for novelty in their approach.

Introduction of Fellowships was very special. I felt greatly honoured in being admitted to Associate Fellow of your great organization.

The most noticeable aspect is that the organization of conferences on ‘Peripherals’ has been constantly improving over the years, and it is comparable to any other world class international meet organized in India during the last decade.

Of great credit is that it is all a single handed show in the midst of meager resources. It reflects your competence and your faith in yourself and in the Devine.

Your graciousness in acknowledging your friends and well wishers, and your respect and obedience for your parents, the way it should be done, and their well wishes for you, has been operating behind the scene in enhancing your image.

Prof. Mohammad Ahmad

Prof. Mohammad AhmadA-13, Medical Colony, AMU Aligarh

It was a great opportunity to attend APVIC-V, in New Delhi.
All the aspects of the course were very good. The speakers were experienced, all the topics/subjects and presentations were very useful and up to date.
The venue (Hotel Oberoi) was very comfortable and easy to reach from the airport.
Is it possible that the participants get an advance hands-on training?

Dr Rini Pramesti

Dr Rini PramestiIndonesia

I have appreciated the zeal and vigour of Dr N N Khanna in organising the APVIC V, which was a very successful meeting, with good scientific content and participation by delegates.
My compliments and best wishes to the organisers.

Dr Varinder Bedi

Dr Varinder BediPresident Elect, Vascular Society of India

APVIC V was an exceptionally well organized Meeting. The course content was very well structured; the presentations of eminent National & International Faculty were world class.

Dr Col Kumud Rai

Dr Col Kumud RaiDirector Vascular Surgery, Max Super specialty Hospital, Saket, New Delhi - Ex President, Vascular Society of India

With each successive year, APVIC becomes better and better. This unique conference brings the best operators in the field of peripheral vascular interventions on one single platform. Thus giving an opportunity to discuss and learn from each other. This time was no exception, in its fifth consecutive year.
We look forward to participate in next year’s APVIC with eager anticipation.

Dr Nishith Chandra

Dr Nishith ChandraDirector Interventional Cardiology, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi

It was great to attend APVIC V. I have been attending APVIC since 2010 and it is nice that the conference is achieving newer heights and becoming an important platform for sharing the knowledge and advances in peripheral vascular diseases. The scientific programme is absolutely fabulous covering every aspect of the subject with leaders in the field imparting their wisdom and sharing complex and challenging cases.

Col Susheel Malani

Col Susheel MalaniProf. and Head, Dept of Cardiology, Military Hospital (Cardio-thoracic center), Pune

Well organised. Scientific program was well balanced and clinically relevant. Speakers were of National and International repute. Time management was excellent. Local hospitality was superb.

Dr Subhash Wangnoo

Dr Subhash WangnooDirector, Apollo center for Obesity, Diabetes and Endocrinology, New Delhi

I really enjoyed APVIC-V at New Delhi. The Scientific contents were excellent and Orgaisation of the whole meet was exceptional. The International Faculty was the chosen one. It was a wonderful meeting.

My congratulations and compliments.

Dr S B Gupta

Dr S B GuptaPresident Elect, Indian College of Cardiology

It was indeed a great pleasure to attend APVIC in Delhi every year. I can see that the content of the meeting has always been high standard and is improving every year. I think it’s a great move to continue the same as it stimulates and educate young and old minds at the same time.

Ravul Jindal

Ravul JindalSecretary Venous Association of India

Thanks for involving us in APVIC V.

Dr A Sreenivas Kumar

Dr A Sreenivas KumarChief Cardiologist, The Heart Centre, Continental Institute of CV Sciences, Hyderabad